Day 9, 10, 11, & 12 – Vini, Vidi, Vici

Wow! Just wow! I cannot put into words how amazing the last 4 days of our trip were in Rome. The blend of old and new was astonishing, and we all were in absolute awe by it all. Our first day we spent in the heart of the city. In the morning we visited the original Roman Forum. It was great to place a picture in place of all that we have read about it in Latin! To see the magnificent palace on the Paletine Hill and look over everything was absolutely fantastic! From there we moved on to the awe-inspiring Coliseum! It was bigger and better than any of us ever imagined! In the evening we saw a really incredible church that is built on several ancient buildings. On the street level was a modern church, underneath was a medieval church, and underneath that was a Roman villa! It was so cool! On day 10, we explored the religious life of Rome, including the Vatican and the Vatican Museums. Saint Peter’s Basilica was absolutely stunning! It was very interesting to see the tombs of the popes as well, and to read about their lives. The art in the Vatican Museums may have been the most amazing and beautiful we have ever seen! The Raphael, Michelangelo, Bernini, and so many others were absolutely breathtaking, and then to see the masterpiece of The Sistine Chapel? Just wow! On day 11, we explored the Capitoline Museums in the morning. We saw some of the most beautiful art ever! And to even up that, we went to the Borghese Museum filled with stunning masterpieces! To see some of the most famous sculptures ever was astounding! From Bernini’s Apollo & Daphne to his Pluto & Proserpina, all of them were breathtaking! Our last day was fantastic! We spent the morning exploring the ancient villa of the Roman Emperor Hadrian. It was a massive complex, and made how we live look terrible. In the afternoon we explored the beautiful Renaissance Villa D’Este. Its lush gardens and grand fountains were a pleasant and relaxing finish to our long 2 week journey in Italy. And now, as I type this, we are waiting in Rome’s airport, and we would love to extend our thanks to The Paideia Institute for creating this fantastic journey for us!

-JD ’19

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