A Seaming Reflection

This is my final entry. I am finally done with my graduation dress! The white garment is completed, invisible zipper and all. It took a great deal of work and little bit of struggling.

The objectives of my project were to learn how to sew, make my dress, and explore my new ‘hometown.’ In terms of these goals, my project was a success. I made my dress, learned how to sew complex garments, and learned the streets of Wayne. Walking in and out of town everyday and learning how to place darts and seams contributed to the main accomplishment of this project.

This project challenged my own ideas around (my simple) sewing and gave me a new set of skills to apply to my garment making. I used to think that sewing was an incredibly difficult venture and was borderline impossible to learn. By working with some else and making my graduation dress, I began to understand that garment construction is not as hard as it may seem. I guess this could apply to nearly any hobby you wish to try or something new in general: it’s not always as hard as you may think.

Sewing is something that I am really excited about and intend to do more of. As of recently, I haven’t taken up a lot of craft (getting ready to go back to school), but I am truly interested in pursuing this further.

One of the best parts of my project is wandering around Wayne and seeing all that is had to offer. Whether it was getting lunch at Vinnie’s Pizza or stopping by the local thrift shop, spending time in the town was very fun. I look forward to exploring it more.

All and all, my senior project has been a lovely time and I was surprised by how much I could learn from making one dress. This project was about my own improvement, but I cannot reflect on this experience without thanking those who helped me. I would like to that Haley from the Christine Shirley Design Studio. My dress would not have turned out as nice as it did without her help.

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