The Class of 2017 has chosen an impressive variety of locations and project themes. They will engage in projects across the globe in 17 countries and in states around America. Along with four school-led projects, students will complete 49 independent projects.

School-led projects include:

  • Classics study in Greece
  • Culture study and service in Cuba
  • Culture and conflict study in Israel/Palestine
  • Teaching and service at Heritage Academy in Ghana, West Africa

Sampling of individual projects:

  • Internship with “Top Chef Masters” chef Celina Tio ’88
  • Shadowing a neurosurgeon
  • Cultural immersion in Gabon
  • Internship with Beijing Athletics
  • Computer modeling
  • Studying conservation in South Africa
  • Eco farming in Mexico
  • Volunteering in Brazil
  • Arts internship in New York
  • Community service in Bogota, Colombia
  • Lakota spiritual retreat in Louisiana
  • Animal rescue internship
  • Job shadowing at the American Embassy in Jordan
  • Jewish history tour of Eastern Europe
  • Computer programming
  • Service at elephant sanctuary

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