Creative Writing

Hey, everyone! Just got home after a long train ride, and I’m excited to really kick off my creative writing-centered senior project! As some of you may know, writing is a passion of mine, but between cocurricular sports, club meetings, and academics I unfortunately can’t often find the time to do it at school. I’m excited to have the opportunity to write intensively over these next few weeks, though, and hopefully I’ll produce enough good work to be able to submit some for publication! I’ve been brainstorming ideas for a few months now, and I think I have a couple good ones I could turn into poems, short stories, or maybe even something else…

Anyway, I’m curious to see what I come up with over the next few days! This is a time for me to experiment and move beyond my  comfort zones, and I hope I grow as a writer over the duration of my senior project. Check back in often to see my progress!




Counting the Days


In just over a week I will be driving to JFK airport in New York, lugging two large suitcases through security, and spending 11 hours on a gigantic plane en route to Accra, Ghana. I’ve attended countless meetings with my group every Thursday night and learned how to write lesson plans, learned about Ghanaian culture and how to teach a class, but I still can’t seem to wrap my head around the fact that in a few days I will be teaching over sixty 6th graders. Every few days one of our group leaders sends us photographs of the small school grounds of Heritage Academy, exciting us more and more for our coming adventure.

In Ghana I will be teaching basic grammar and creative writing along with my teaching partner, Erin, as well as conducting reading periods for a small group of students. For me, choosing to teach creative writing was easy: it is something that I love to do. Envisioning myself reading the written work of twelve-year-olds puts a smile on my face without fail. Deciding to go to Ghana however was more difficult. Public speaking has never come easily for me, so teaching twenty students three times a day will be challenging, but I’m sure it will be rewarding.

With around two feet of hard packed snow on the ground, my anticipation for Senior Projects is growing. I am counting down the days until I load my bags in the car and begin my journey to Heritage Academy.