From Asia to Asia


I am Lynn, a senior from Seoul, Korea and I will be going to Thailand for my Senior Projects with 9 other seniors.

Personally, I am very excited for this trip because I haven’t gone traveling outside of the countries, and also to travel to somewhere close to my home with my friends from half way across the world. It feels a little bit weird to think that we are going to be experiencing a new environment together. Most of the time it was me, trying to figure out new surroundings by myself.

I don’t know what to expect from the two weeks that I will be spending in Thailand. I am nervous, but very excited at the same time. I hope to go there with an open mind and experience as much of the Thai culture as I can during my time there. I will be documenting my experience through blogging and photography.

I am having  a hard time focusing on school work because there is so little time left before my friends and I leave for Thailand! Count down has started, only 19 days left!

Thailand and Elephants!

Hi! I’m Emily, and in less than three weeks I will be on my first international flight headed for Thailand.  I am both excited and nervous for the trip.  I’m starting to think about packing, how long the flight will be, and how I will manage to not lose my new passport (with its unflattering and awkward picture). 

My Senior Project to Thailand is full of firsts for me.  It will be my first time out of the country (besides to Niagara Falls in third grade…), and this also will be my first time completing 50 hours of service in one week.  Thailand will be the longest trip (in terms of days) I have ever been on, and my longest time spent on an airplane.  I’m excited to fully immerse myself in a new culture and meet new people, try new food, and see Bangkok and Chiang Mai, along with the Elephant Nature Park.  I am even excited that I will be in Japan for a few hours between flights.

Thailand will be my first time overseas, and I am ready for the experience.  I know it will be unlike anything I have ever encountered.  Most people take their first trip out of the country to Europe or even an island in the Caribbean, so going to Thailand is definitely exciting.  I am nervous about the food because I have never tried Thai food, and should probably be doing that within the next few weeks.  The weather will  be GREAT.  Getting away from all of the snow and 30 degree weather in February will be relieving.  The elephant and service part of the trip is where most of the group’s time will be spent . I am not familiar with elephants, but I did ride one at the Philadelphia Zoo in first grade. I am excited to work with the elephants, and completing 50 hours of service will be rewarding. 

 I am really looking forward to Thailand and counting down the days. I’m going overseas for the first time, spending 2 weeks with my friends, and hanging out with elephants…what’s not to love?

Here is a link to the park where we will be working!