On Top of the World

Napaykullaki! That’s Quechua for hello.  Twenty-two students, my colleague, Maria, and I are about to embark on the first-ever Senior Project to Peru. Westtown has partnered with World Leadership School to provide students with what I am sure will be an extraordinary experience. WLS was chosen because its mission aligns so well with Westtown’s. They specialize in offering hands-on experience in leadership, service and cultural immersion.

We will complete a service project (building a retaining wall at a school), spend time within the school interacting with students, engage in leadership training, meet with local leaders and see many historic sites, not the least of which is Machu Picchu. Continue reading “On Top of the World”

Senior Projects 2012

They’ve been planning for this all year. Some have been thinking about what they would do for several years.  And now, finally, their bags are packed: it is time. The seniors depart tomorrow for their Senior Projects. These Projects will take them to 15 countries and all around the United States. The Class of 2012 will participate in 57 different Projects, ranging from shadowing doctors to interning with a fashion design house to conducting research in a chemistry lab to rock climbing. The school-sponsored trips this year will take groups of students to Heritage Academy in Ghana, to AULA in Barcelona, and to Israel/Palestine.

We invite you to follow along as a few our seniors write about their experiences in the field here in this blog. We wish all Westtown School seniors a bon voyage!