Where I’m Headed…

Hello everyone!

I’ll start off by introducing myself. My name is Mike, and I am currently a senior at Westtown School. This is my seventh year at Westtown, and I’ll be honest, I’ve been looking forward to the Senior Project experience throughout the entirety of my years as a high-schooler and middle-schooler here. Although my academic interests have changed vastly over the course of my Westtown career, I have always been certain that I wanted to center my Senior Project around my greatest passion: Music.

My Senior Project will be taking place very close to home, in Chester Springs, PA. I will have the pleasure of spending two weeks working as an intern at John Diliberto’s studio, where he records, produces, and assembles his radio show entitled “Echoes”. This radio show features a variety of soothing sounds ranging anywhere from chimey singer-songwriter acoustic melodies and harmonies to ethereal and hypnotizing ambient soundscapes. If you’re interested in hearing some of this refreshingly unique and peaceful music, his show airs on 88.5 WXPN every night at eleven o’clock PM. During my time in the studio, the work I will carry out will vary from office-type jobs, such as CD-burning and music library organization, to more hands-on work, like setting up microphones and aiding sound technicians in the actual recording process. I have recently been told by Mr. Diliberto that I may also have the opportunity to help out at one of the Echoes trademark events, a live Living Room Performance.

What I hope to gain from this project is to become very familiar with the inner workings of the radio industry, and the production and recording processes associated with it. Working in radio is a career choice that I may seriously pursue during and following my years in college. Additionally, I hope that I will begin to build a valuable network among fellow musicians and important figures in the radio industry throughout these next two weeks. The relationships I build among these types of people will serve to be extremely vital over the course of my future musical career.

The only fear I have at this point is possibly getting lost in a territory that is new and unfamiliar. I have had very little experience in the realm of the radio industry, and I could see myself becoming overwhelmed and confused at some points during these next two weeks. Fortunately, I believe that these hiccups will only make my Senior Project experience more valuable. As the reality that is college begins to grow on my horizon, I am slowly realizing that I will at times have to rely only on my self to solve problems that will emerge from independent living. My Senior Project at the Echoes Studios will teach me vital problem-solving techniques that will be important throughout my college years, while simultaneously providing me with a insider’s perspective on a career that I may pursue throughout the rest of my life.


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