Only Three Days!

Hey everybody,

My name is Jon  and I am a senior at Westtown School. I leave for the Bahamas on Saturday, February 20th,and I am ecstatic. I will be staying in Elbow Cay on a very small island with fellow senior Woody’s grandparents. They live down there full time and have been nice enough to let me join Woody and stay at their house. I am very excited to get there and start my project. Especially with all of the snow that we have gotten here recently, the beach sounds great now!

I am going on this trip with Woody  and Matt, also seniors,  and they are both good friends of mine. We will be working on an addition that Woody’s grandparents have just added on. From what I understand it still needs to be painted and some other little things need to be done, so that will be part of our project while we are there. We will also be working at the local school doing things like playing with them during their P.E. classes and after school activities. I will be playing soccer with them most of the time since that is one of my passions and from what I hear, the kids in the Bahamas love to play as well. I do not know all of the details of what I will be doing, but that is the main part of my project and it seems like it will be a blast.

I cannot wait to leave, I wish we were on the plane right now! But I will update everyone once I land and have settled down. Talk to all of you then!!

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