Starting Work at the School!

We have worked about three days at the school in town, and it has been a blast. The school goes form pre-k to 6th grade, and there are anywhere from 5 to 15 kids in each class. We have been working with each class and just helping out the teacher with whatever they need. We also run their Physical education classes, and we did that all of yesterday. I was exhausted at the end of the day, running around with little kids for 6 hours is harder than I thought. All of the kids love hearing about us and what our lives are like, it is so much fun to talk to them. When we show up in the morning they all start yelling our names and jumping around. All of the kids are so exuberant and playful, I forgot how much fun little kids are.

The most popular sport amongst the children is basketball, but a few of them really enjoy soccer. I have been playing soccer with a lot of kids and they love playing. The kids get really attached to us, there is one girl who will not leave my side. She is so cute and loves to just play any kind of game with me. Everyday when I walk into the school, smiles at me and starts waving her hands in the air. The kindergarten kids are a handful to say the least, they just love to yell and scream. About half of the class calls me the baby because I had paint on my shorts on the second day. It is really funny to hear them calling me that all of the time, it is really fun. Well so far I have had a great time down here and I look forward to the rest of the trip!

Talk to you guys soon!

One thought on “Starting Work at the School!

  1. karen

    Jon, sounds like your project is tapping your energy in great ways! Between the satisfying work of completing a painting project to the exuberance of elementary school kids, you are fully immersed in a new experience. I look forward to more stories from the days ahead.

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