Images of Echoes

Hello All!

These are some pictures I have taken over the course of the past week. I thought you would all enjoy seeing what I get to work with every day!

My temporary workplace at Echoes, in the archives room.

Reel-to-reel taped shows in the archives.

Some famous guests on the show:

Famous Electronic/Ambient/Experimental Composers Brian Eno and John Cage.

The legendary Frank Zappa.

Bill Bruford of King Crimson, Yes, UK, and many others.

Robert Fripp of King Crimson.

The CD album storage cabinets. Thousands of CD’s in here!

The recording booth.

Inside the booth:

Mr. Diliberto reads the script for each radio show here.

Jeff, the studio technician, works to assemble the next show next to the recording booth.

Last but certainly not least, MANNY!

The beloved studio dog and my best friend at the studio!

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