The Last Week

So, I am writing this post in the final stretch of my project. This week has been a blur of meetings with admissions, editing the poster, and even more meetings. On Monday, I went in and met with T. Nathan and T. Lynette to show them the first draft of the poster. With a couple of suggestions and some new ideas for windows to shoot, I went home to plan out the next two days of photography.

On Wednesday, I met with T. Tim to check in with him in regards to the photography as well as the layout of the poster, since he is my “artistic director.” He gave me some great advice as to how to handle some tricky situations with the lighting of some photographs. He also gave me the idea to also make this poster into a notecard or postcard, which is something that I have decided to add on to this project as well. I then got to share with him how I am so glad to have chosen this project so that I could really focus on my photography and nothing else for two weeks; this makes me feel much more comfortable with my decision to pursue a medical degree in college, which would mean not having much time for my other passion, photography. Even though we were sitting in the Biology 2 classroom, he got up and grabbed a book off of the shelf which turned out to be a photography book that focused on photos of surgery. It was the coolest thing I have ever seen, and I will definitely find some time to look through the entire book. Although I am not as interested in becoming a surgeon as I am in other medical professions and I most likely won’t become a photographer who takes pictures of surgery, this book made me realize that there are definitely artistic sides to medicine and this made me feel that I won’t be giving up on my creative side completely. I also realize that I’m very lucky to have teachers like T. Tim who are so amazing at what they do, and especially someone like him who is as knowledgeable in the sciences as he is with photography!

Here are some of the photos that are featured in my poster/notecard:

On Thursday, I had another meeting with Admissions; they made some final corrections to the poster and seconded T. Tim’s suggestion of making this concept of “The Windows of Westtown” into a notecard as well. I went home and spent the rest of the night on Adobe Illustrator on the computer arranging all of the photos into an additional layout. The next day, I clicked save on the final versions of the project, and it was nearly complete. It would seem that I was finished, although my computer had a different plan. The files were eight times too large to send in an email, so I decided to burn them onto a CD and deliver it to Admissions on Saturday. Neither Admissions nor the Front Office were open, so I am going to have to send the CD in the mail to T. Nathan (I am leaving for the airport at 7am tomorrow).

That is what has been going on this week, and this is where my project stands at the moment. I hope you all have enjoyed reading about my project! I’ll write more when we produce a finished, printed product.

Alex  🙂

3 thoughts on “The Last Week

  1. Kevin Gallagher

    Your photos are really fine, Alex, and I like your subject. If you get these notecards printed and can put them up for sale, I’d like a few boxes!
    T. KAG

  2. Nathan


    Great work! You made a lot of changes since you, Lynette and I met. I can see you were able to process a lot of suggestions. Perhaps the greatest challenge in creative work is utilizing feedback while staying true to your vision. I can see you were up to the task!

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