Pics of the Baby!!


I know it has been a while since I have blogged here, and that senior projects are over and have been over for about a month, but I finally have pictures of little Amelia. On my last day at the hospital, Nurse Emma had a special treat for me and allowed me to go with her to visit Amelia and her mother. The hospital usually does not do many house visits for babies who were born in the hospital, but seeing as Amelia was not scheduled for an appointment with her pediatrician for quite some time, and knowing that I would be leaving Trinidad soon, we were allowed a special exception. I was allowed to watch as the baby was weighed and all of her vital signs were checked, as well as her mother’s. Then, when I expressed my desire to have pictures of the baby, the mother said that, if we kept in touch, she would take some pictures and send them to me. After a month of waiting they are finally here and Amelia is just as beautiful as the day she was born. I did not get many because some of the files were unable to open on my computer, but I will be posting below the ones that I was able to open. I hope you guys enjoy them as much as I did!!

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