Uncertainty and Excitement

February, 4th 2011
As the count down gets closer, excitement fills my body. One month from today, and I will be arriving to Barcelona, Spain, A world of unknowns. I know that I am going to be staying with a 15-year-old girl and at first I was scared, because she is so young. Then, I reminded myself that I live in the freshman dorm at school, where the girls are younger than that and I love them. I think that I will be able to make the best out of it. She has already found me on Facebook and we have started sending emails to each other.
I  plan to work at the preschool of the school that we are doing the exchange with, yet I don’t know any of the logistics of this plan. This uncertainty is something unusual in my life and therefore a bit exhilarating. I also don’t know much of what we are doing as a group yet. I believe that we are going to go to some art museums and also tour around Madrid for a few days. I also heard that Profe Jorge is trying to plan a trip to a soccer game, which would be incredible.
I am determined to not speak English while I am there, but I am hoping that my attitude doesn’t change. Last year when I went to Nicaragua with my best friend and her mother, I told myself the same thing. Yet when I heard how fast they spoke, I ended up not talking English or Spanish and I came across as very shy. I strongly hope this will not be the case for Spain. I am worried that I will not be able to understand them.
So right now my attitude is filled with wonder and uncertainty. I can’t wait to get there and actually have stories to share with you all.

2 thoughts on “Uncertainty and Excitement

  1. Kerry Stone

    Hi Sophie ! Keep us in the loop here… waiting to hear some juicy details!!

    Are you keeping your commitement to speak only espanol?? Muchas Amor, Mom
    I just finished the book “How the Garcia Girls lost their accent”- That was really good and opened my eyes to the many difficulties people have when they move to the U.S. . It was so wonderfully written!

  2. Kay Verney

    Hi Sophie:

    Oh this is so very exciting! I am very happy for you and am looking forward to reading your blog. One thought — nobody ever accomplishes anything new without risking appearing a little foolish. You may feel foolish but your companions will find it charming that you are giving it a go. Think how sweet it is to hear a non-native speaker tentatively trying on English — that is how you will appear. Good luck and have fun!


    Aunt Kay

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