Just a bit longer…

Clothes: check.

Toothbrush: check.

Teaching supplies: check.

Books to read: check.

Malaria Medicine: check.

And you get the point. All that must be done now is go to sleep and contain the excitement for tomorrow. I am imagining the 90 degree weather and the wave of heat that will hit us when we step out of the airport in Accra. I am imaging the complete lack of snow. I am imagining the lack of hamburgers and french fries and pizza. What a scary thought…

My biggest worry at the moment is whether my camera batteries will last. I hear the electricity is spotty, and so my battery charger might get fried. Its a small sacrifice though. I’d rather have pictures later than a battery charger.

I can almost see Ghana. And just think: it only takes a day of traveling to get there.

See you in Ghana.

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