wait, we are still in America?

That’s right, we are still stuck in Philly! Yesterday morning, I got a call from Emily saying that the Thailand group is meeting at school at 7:00PM instead of 3:00AM the next day. I thought we were leaving earlier than planned because what good does it do when students leave school at 7:00PM when their flight is taking off at 6:00AM the next morning?

Unfortunately, we had to work with the Philly weather and our flight was cancelled, so we got 2 rooms at the Marriott hotel. I know this is illegal, but we had no choice, so it was 2 teachers in one room for sleeping and the other one room was the party room (with ten students)!

Anyway, at least we got to bond and have fun with friends. Some people showed signs of frustration because they would rather spend the night at home, but everything worked out eventually. End of story.

But, I don’t think so. I am sitting at the airport right now, and the clock is ticking 8:51AM. It was a rough morning for some of us. The ticketing took forever for me and Paul, because the machine did not read Paul’s passport. We have a 9:00AM flight, but it is delayed… because the prior plane did not take off for our plane to be at the gate. Could anything else go wrong? I don’t think so. Our originally planned 33-hour trip to Bangkok is extended by 12 hours… So, it will take us 45 hours to get to Bangkok! YAY.

This will be the longest travel for everyone on the trip, and Emily is reading her Bangkok traveling book right now. Ade is reading his Nook, and Wei-Hao is reading Marie Claire. I will keep you guys updated! Bye!

Lynn, still in Philly

February 22, 2011

P.S. Fresh update, our flight is delayed by 45 minutes! I think the Thailand group will have plenty of bonding time now!

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