Scrap Metal and The Crow Manor

Hey everyone,

Today is Saturday and I worked again at Back Alley Bikes this morning from 10-12. We took all of the rusted and unusable bike parts to the local scrap center for cash. Afterwards one of the volunteers took three of us out for the best Arab food I have ever had. Then to the Arab version of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. I’m lying here at 5 in the afternoon still digesting. Last night however I went to a party at the Trumbullplex’s sister collective called The Crow Manor. 12 people are packed into one house that is constantly creating art and playing or blasting music. It was a really cool site. I didn’t have my camera on me last night or today but I met a really great guy named Scott who told me about a documentary he was in. I just looked it up and its the best thing I have seen yet that can describe what Detroit is all about.



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