I’m not really sure if what I’m learning is correct or not. Sure it makes sense, logically, but it doesn’t feel right. I was filmed numerous times and told there are a lot of great things in my swing, but a few major things I need to work on. The first two days I worked with a lady, Annie, who was on The Big Break in Mexico, a show filled with contests on golf courses all over the world. She’s awesome and very patient. She stands there, ball after ball, telling me what was wrong. Every day she has given me something new to work on, which I’m excited about. But I’m not sure what my swing is supposed to look like. I’m not sure if I’m even going to know that by next Friday. I’m worried because I cannot swing without feeling embarrassed. Every ball barely lifts off the ground. They keep telling me it will eventually get there, but when I try my old swing, it’s completely worse than when I showed up. The three girls in the Academy tell me everyday that the only way I can get a lot out of the program is to be here for a few months. They have all been here since September, and have improved dramatically. It’s making me want to come for a long period of time. I keep thinking about next year and how I want to be a much better player, but I’m not sure if that is realistic. There are many post graduates here, and they play in tournaments every weekend and get lessons and instruction during the week. They have been encouraging me to come next year. I’m really interested, even though I’m accepted into college!

Because I’ve been really frustrated and worried I‘m not getting enough instruction, I’ve been pushing myself to play as much as I can. My parents paid a lot a lot of money for me to come here but I’m not sure if I’m getting my money’s worth. I wouldn’t say it is a waste but I wish I was getting more out of it. The director of the Academy told me the most I will get out of my two weeks here is a workout plan done by Atay, a Turkish trainer, pro golfer, and gymnast. He assessed me on Tuesday and was shocked that I had to work on so many things. By Thursday he made me a four-page workout plan. He taught me all of the exercises and told me I had to get a trainer when I got home to help me. It made me really worried. I’m not sure if I can even improve my swing if I don’t fix those things first.

Through all the tiredness and frustration, I still managed to have a great day today. It was my first day off, and we drove two hours to the beach. It was so nice to get away from golf clothes and bad tan lines. I laid out on the beach for the whole day and it let me think about what I really want to get out of golf in the next few years. It made me feel more confident and even though I’m nervous to start playing again tomorrow, I’m more relaxed.

I’ll let you know if my experience gets any better next week!

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