Bikes and Goats Tuesday

Hello all,

Today the sun finally decided to come out. I went for a long bike ride before going to Back Alley Bikes to volunteer again. Afterwards I came back to the Trumbullplex to make some dinner. I went for a walk out to what’s called Pheasant Run. It’s an entire large block without buildings. In the last couple of years pheasants have come back to Detroit because of all the vacant land. After I came back a collective member took me to one  local high school for pregnant teens and young women. Next to the school is a farm with chickens, a horse, goats, rabbits, and apple trees. The idea is to teach them about taking care of a living creature. We milked the goats and fed them. I came back and some folks had made extra dinner so I ate a second one. A while back while cleaning I found a movie called Salt of the Earth. It’s an old pro-union movie, the acting isn’t great but it was blacklisted in the States at one time. Tomorrow I’m going to Earth Works again and then to a rally against budget cuts to Wane State then back to Back Alley Bikes.



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