A Rainy Day at the Farm

I know that I have started to fall behind as a blogger but this rainy day gives me a chance to catch up. Even though I have officially left the Trumbullplex as a house guest I haven’t really left yet. After every day at the farm I’ve headed back to the Trumbullplex to hang out with the collective. The other night we went bowling as a collective and never stopped putting on punk songs on the juke box. It ended up being a dance party with bowling on the side. It also happened to be a really slow night at the bowling alley so the owner let us keep going for 3 hours for the price of one game. There was also a really bad show at the theater the on Monday night. The bands were all really lame except for one of our friends’ bands. The real problem with the show was the people who showed up were all really big jerks. Most of the collective headed inside and hung out inside around the wood stove and came back periodically to check up on the show.

Even though the show stunk, the Trumbullplex got some bigger donations for their magazine library.

The Farm, on the other hand, has been really great as well. Greg is a really inspiring person to be working with. He started the Trumbullplex back in 1992 and embodies the entrepreneurial lifestyle I want to pursue. It has been really nice to talk to Greg about his past with movements and how they can really disillusion you.

Greg is also a former teacher, fired after he supported some students with their idea to hold a sit-in to change the school cafeteria. We have been collaborating on a new project to build a compost screener that can be moved over the beds as a direct application. It’s really nice to work with Greg and see a teaching style that is a perfect balance of freedom and instruction.

Today, however, has been rainy and there hasn’t been much that we can do on a day like today. Tonight I’m going to head back to Back Alley Bikes to volunteer.



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