Gallery-Hopping and Art Fair Shopping

After a weekend of seeing so much art my eyes started to water (below is only the beginning of it,) I felt almost divinely inspired to create. And create I did for the remainder of the week! After seeing the woven folk harp (pictured below) by Iven Stein, I remembered a beautiful but broken accordion that’s been lying around my house in want of repair, and I decided to spend my time and energy on the beauty of the instrument itself, rather than futily trying to mend the broken sounds that come from something I can’t even play (though, between by efforts to embellish it outwardly I have been teaching myself to play a few Yann Tiersen songs, one of my favorite composers who writes quite a bit for the accordion). But enough about me. Take a look at some of my favorite pieces from the Independent Art Fair, The Pulse NYC Art Fair, and some Chelsea galleries, and see what inspires you.


Andy Warhol


Damian Stamer


Heather Gwen Martin


David Antonio Cruz


Michelle Muldrow: “Delirium”


Close-Up of Michelle Muldrow’s “Delerium”


Close-Up of Michelle Muldrow’s “Delerium”


Tara Donovan


Tara Donovan


Polixeni Papapetrou


Cody Hoyt


Josh Dorman


Robert Kushner


Robert Kushner


Robert Kushner


Robert Kushner


Ben Wolf


Isen Stein


Christina Empedocles


Christina Empedocles


Christina Empedocles


George Rahme


Trey Speegle


Let me know if you were as inspired as I!



One thought on “Gallery-Hopping and Art Fair Shopping

  1. POP (R.W.Loughlin)

    Thanks EM — Wonderful -inspiring-humbling selection of work from a vast field. It is important to appreciate the variety of creative work can come from the brain and finger tips of the artist who cares.

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