Remembering Barcelona

Hey its been a week since we left Barcelona and I miss it incredibly. It was very hard to say goodbye to our wonderfully nice families. After a long flight, which consisted of watching four movies and being very tired. We arrived at the airport and luckily all of us found our luggage and made it through customs with ease. We had to wait about two hours for the bus to come and pick us up but before we knew it, we were back at Westttown. I was one of the special Spain kids who didn’t get to go home for the weekend to catch up on sleep. Four of us stayed at Westtown and even went to classes on Friday. It took a while to adjust to the time zone again but now I am good.

The Spanish Exchange students from Barcelona arrived today for their stay at Westtown. Every one who went to Spain was so happy to see them. It felt much longer than a week. I am very excited to show my host around Westtown.

I am very glad that Westtown is so beautiful. I thought that I would be depressed to leave Spain, and I was pretty sad, but Westtown is so beautiful that it made the transition much more easy. I want to thank everyone for reading my blogs and I hope they were interesting. I didn’t do as many as I thought that I would but it was fun!


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