Here we are!

Hi everyone!

So, a lot has happened since we took off on February 19th. First, we caught a plane to D.C. where we hung out for a 3 hour layover. After those hours, we hopped the plane to take the LONG 10 hour flight to Accra. It was very close quarters and almost impossible to stay asleep for an extended period of time. A lot of people were really cold, but I had my brothers Pitzer College blanket (thank you mom). After we landed in Accra, we went through various customs and other things then we loaded onto this tiny bus and we started out 3 hour bus ride to our house. I loved the bus ride, there were so many people around and it was an instant culture shock when we started driving. Let’s just say, the color of our skin did not go unnoticed. People were pointing and waving and laughing anf trying to sell us things, it was quite an adventure! We all naped in the bus for a little bit because we were so exhausted, but then we got home and we started eating dinner. Then we went for a short visit to Heritage to see what it looked like, not we are all sitting in the house doing various things. Half of us look like zombies at this point.

T. Michael got separated from us because of a visa issue but we are hoping that he gets here tomorrow. I especially want him here because he has my sheets, towels, and pillow in one of his bags, its a long story, but either way, I don’t have any of those things until he gets here.

Overall, Ghana is a beautiful country with some of the friendliest people that I have ever met. I am really excited to get to school tomorrow, but I am still apprehensive. I miss my mom a lot (mom, don’t rub that in) and I am really hoping that I’ll make it 18 day away from home. Think good thoughts for me.

Lots of love,

Jordan šŸ™‚

One thought on “Here we are!

  1. Melissa Koomson

    They ARE the friendliest people! After tomorrow morning, tell me how you felt about your early morning rooster call.
    T. Melis

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