The Wall Speaks

A soundbite of some of the graffiti on the Separation Wall:

“When ignorance reigns, Lives are lost.”

“Free Palestine”

“Welcome to Apartheid”

“Welcome to Ghetto Abu Dis”

“We are Humans”

“Wall = Landgrab”

“The hands that build can also tear down.”

“The dirt whispered, ‘I’m coming home.'”


These were found on a bit of the wall in a very impoverished Palestinian neighborhood being overlooked by a very wealthy Israeli settlement. The town was called Abu Dis. In this town, no-one comes to collect their trash for fear it is too dangerous or too hard to reach. It smelled like burnt garbage; truthfully, that is how they dispose of it, by burning. The extreme poverty here was something I wasn’t expecting, but it is visible, especially in contrast to the settlement just at the top of the hill. “Welcome to Ghetto Abu Dis”


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