It has been 24 hours since we touched down in good old America. I think it is universal for our whole group that we want to go back RIGHT NOW. 

I started missing it the second we got to the airport in Accra. It is so weird to be home with all of the internet access and the american food and the lack of children on the side of the road yelling “Obroni Obroni!”I miss the wonderful friends that I made during my time in Ghana and I know that mt life is changed. I will be the first to admit that I like my comfort items. I like my computer and I like my iPhone and I like my car, but being in Ghana made me realize that I don’t need those things. I have witnessed the lives of people who have nothing. I have seen teenagers that don’t have cell phones to be connected to. I have seen small children that are satisfied by the excitement of seeing a white person walking down the street. 

When I was planning my Senior Project, Teacher Steve told me to pick a project that was going to change my life. I am so happy to report that I did. Heritage Academy is part of my life now. I know that I will not go one day for the rest of my life without thinking about the 2 and a half weeks that I spent there. Those kids, my students, they became my brothers and sisters. It might sound lame to say that thinking about those kids is bringing tears to my eyes, but it is true! I love them! I sound crazy, I know, and I’m rambling but I really can’t find the right words to express how much that school means to me now. I am planning on returning to Ghana for summer classes this July. My kids are praying for me to find enough money to make the trip again, and I will do anything to make sure that it happens. Oh! I also started the beginning phases of starting a club at Muhlenberg College next year. There has been a lot of interest so far and I am thrilled that people are interested. 

Right now, I am sad that I am not in Ghana, but I’ll go back this summer, and I’ll see those amazing, wonderful, talented, brilliant, smart children again. I know I will. 



One thought on “Home…

  1. pennmedmatt

    I am glad that you found a project that significantly changed your life. I hope that you are able to return to Ghana this summer.

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