What I am Planning to do…

For my senior project, I will be traveling with my mother to visit a few relatives (some of whom I have never met) to collect stories and recipes. In my family, our culture is the food. I am going to five locations: Pittsburgh, State College, Tampa, Miami, and New Orleans. I am going to cook with my mother, grandparents, aunts, and even second cousin. I want to learn more about my lineage and the recipes that come along with it. The recipes I am collecting are near and dear to my family, even if we weren’t the ones to create them. Some of the recipes have come to our knowledge through friends, mistakes, and other family members. No matter what, every recipe says a story; I will try to share them with you throughout the next several weeks. In the end, I hope to make an electronic cookbook that has the stories and recipes intertwined for all my family members.

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