Packing for Ghana!

Packing for Ghana!

Hi, I’m Laura, and in about 70 hours I will be boarding a plane to Accra, Ghana. I’ve always loved the idea of sharing something about myself with others so that they can benefit from my experience (however small that may be), and so that’s why I leaped at the opportunity to go teach at Heritage Academy. I’ll be teaching math – surface areas and volumes mostly – ending in a final project in which  the students measure our classroom to figure out how much of what materials we would need to build a house or building.
I’ve never taught anything before, so I’m definitely nervous about putting myself in front of a class of twenty young students, but I’ll do my best.

For this blog, I’ll be doing a photo journal, with a picture for each post. So here goes.
What I’m taking to Ghana: a camera with an empty memory card, one and a half suitcases full of donations, a few pounds of sunscreen and bug spray, and a few changes of clothes.
I can’t wait!

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