The Oscars at The Huffington Post


My first day at The Huffington Post went beyond my expectations! Julee Wilson is a glowing bundle of energy and enthusiasm that, combined with her wonderful coworkers in the Black Voices Section, made me feel like a part of the team immediately. As she toured me around the incredible office building,  I got a feel for the quiet and calm atmosphere of the reporters’ floor and the thrilling buzz of the Huff Post Live domain. One of the highlights from my day, aside from going out to lunch with some of the writers, was getting to watch a segment of Huff Post Live in person! Julee, along with a few other style and beauty experts, discussed their favorites and least favorites of the dresses from the Oscars.

Not only was my time at The Huffington Post great, but I’m getting more and more used to the city life. Upon arriving in New York, my dad and I walked around the Grand Central Station area as well as took the subways down to where I’d be working. After having familiarized myself with the atmosphere, I feel confident that within the next day or so, I’ll be taking the subways to The Huffington Post by myself. To top it off, I’ll be added into The Huffington Post‘s system tomorrow and will officially begin blogging for them! Keep an eye out for my picture, a short biography, and my first entry!

Day one and this experience is already incredible! It can only go up from here 🙂


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