It’s Ghana time!

First of all, sorry I couldn’t upload a picture; the computer I’m using is too old to have a place to upload it. I’m writing now with the first we’ve been able to get all trip.

Ghana is amazing. Hot, but definitly worth it. We arrived Sunday, took a two hour car ride with 16 of us crammed into an old van that has probably close to 500,000 miles on it. Today we woke up bright and early like we have all week and spend the day reading and teaching. The kids are all bundles of energy. The first day we came all the younger ones would huddle around us shouting “obroni” and trying to shake our hands or touch our arms. At the sight of a camera, they get so excited that they push eachother out of the way and huddle together posing.

The highlight so far for me has been teaching a group of girls the chicken dance and singing it for 15 minutes straight one day. Their dancing was adorable. There is so much to say, but so little time. It’s almost 12am here and tomorrow we’re going to visit the slave castles and the beach–a welcome break from teaching all day!

Until next time,


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