Broken Bones and Anachronisms

Returning to the museum after a weekend downtown with some of my friends made for a definite change of pace and sleep schedule, but today and Monday still managed to keep me on my toes. Yesterday was spent dealing with several boxes of small mammalian carnivore fossils that had been found but unprocessed in the mid-nineties. There were a few skulls in startlingly good condition, but for the most part we had a lot of repair work to do. So, that looks like my week.


Fun fact: getting those two pieces consolidated took most of my morning, or at least what of it I spent actually working.

That wasn’t all that much time, though, since tomorrow will be opening day for a new temporary exhibit on biomechanics. Definitely a very different scene than fossils, but one that’s also very cool. We spent our lunch break at a staff-only lecture with the curator, after which my manager gave me and the other intern an hour off to go through it before it opened to the public. The exhibit operated under less of an assumption that we knew anything about biomechanics than the lecture, which was good, since my understanding of that field is very low, but they were both really interesting.



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