All Tuckered Out

It’s been a crazy few days. Our schedules are almost as packed as they are at Westtown. We go from reading periods to classes to home to service to home again. I couldn’t be more exhausted. On the other hand, I am having such a good time. I feel like I’m really making the most of my time here. I’ve gotten to know some of the kids pretty well and I can’t think about leaving here and not being able to see them every day. I think that another visit to Ghana will have to be in my future.. Hopefully my parents won’t mind… Mom and Dad?

We went to the market again yesterday, and spent our time walking around observing the lives of the shop-keepers and children selling small things from their heads. The highlight of the visit to the market was when Heather and I spotted a woman selling plantain chips. We bought two bags to start with, then ended up calling the woman to the van’s window to buy five more bags. When all the other people selling things saw that we were buying the plantain chips, they surrounded the car. Within all of these people was a boy who thought that a marriage proposal was necessary, but my friend shut that down fairly quickly.

Teaching was pretty hard today. Keeping the younger kids quiet is a full-time job in itself. I had to pull one of the kids out from his seat and sit him in a corner in the front of the room. Hopefully it will be a bit easier tomorrow.

I can’t wait for this weekend. On Friday we are going dancing again and on Saturday we are going hiking, but I’m most excited for Sunday when we will go to the beach again. Hopefully I’ll get a tan 🙂

One thought on “All Tuckered Out

  1. Tony Weir

    Jordan: how lucky you are! And it’s great to know you are making the most of the experience. It all goes by too quickly. We miss you, though…G’Daddy and Abuela.

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