Excited to start!

For my senior project I will be interning at People’s Light and Theater in Malvern, PA. During my time there the theater will be getting ready to open a new show called Dear Elizabeth. The play follows the letters of the poets and best friends Elizabeth Bishop and Robert Lowell. It is a subtle story of friendship, poetry, and two separate lives joined by writing. I read the script and really enjoyed it. It will be very interesting to see it performed!

I will be observing rehearsals, helping backstage, and taking part in any department that needs assistance. I hope to achieve a fuller understanding of all that goes into a theater and the production of a show. As a performer, I already appreciate that aspect of theater, but I know that there is so much more work besides the actors’ that contribute to a successful show. I am excited to see how all of the separate pieces come together and to work with the staff of People’s Light.

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