Some of the Things I Learned in Ghana

March 20

1. Money is not the cause of happiness

2. I am not a very good dancer

3. Hot water doesn’t exist

4. Red Red is my favorite food

5. Sweat is a lifestyle

6. Old works just as well as new

7. You can fit 73 students into a small blue bus

8. It’s the little things that make you happy

9. The music is bumpin’

10. $1.00 can get you a ton of plantain chips

11. Photographs are treasured

12. Electricity is completely unreliable 

13. Sunscreen is not always successful (Jack)

14. Anything can be made into a game

15. Everything white will soon be brown

16. One of paper equals four of coin

17. Nobody but Alaska should be allowed to drive a car

18. “Obroni” gets old

19. Keep your limbs within the vehicle at all times (unless you want to lose an arm or have an uneven sunburn)

20. “Will you marry me?” is thrown around often

21. Teaching is harder than you think

22. If you take a camera out you will be mobbed by children and adults alike

23. Everyone is named Emmanuel 

24. Friendships form quickly 

25. I absolutely love Ghana

One thought on “Some of the Things I Learned in Ghana

  1. Tony Weir

    Jordan: If you’ve learned all that, you are wise beyond your years, and the trip was well worth it! What an impressive young lady you are…!

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