Last Stop: New Orleans

I know I said I would update you when I got to New Orleans, but I have been busy and exhausted since my arrival here on Tuesday. We have been exchanging stories with my mom’s cousin, Robyn and her kids, Beth and Jen. Although Robyn didn’t grow up here, Beth and Jen did so I thought it was also important to try some of their favorite, native foods. Robyn isn’t much of a cook; when she was living with my mom when they were in college, she was boiling eggs and forgot about them. The water evaporated, and the eggs went flying, smashing into the ceiling. Robyn has become a better cook since then, but she wants to learn Momma Bubb and my mother’s recipes. That reminds me… here is Momma Bubb’s brisket that my mother and I made with Aunt Billie when we were in Miami.


I had never made brisket by baking it either, so it was interesting to know how much easier it was to make this way and to see how well it turned out. I think I will stick to making my brisket on the stove though, because you cannot cut out all the fat if you are baking it. And I hate fat. On a side note, I found out that Bob, Robyns husband makes brisket is a Crock Pot. Anyways, I also told you that I was going to be making tzimmes. Tzimmes is like sweet matzah balls with candied carrots. When I told Robyn’s family about it, they cringed at the thought of it. But it was delicious!Image

The tzimmes, like the brisket was also Momma Bubb’s recipe. We looked at pictures of Momma Bubb and Daddy Bubb, and even found a picture of their wedding at Aunt Billie’s house.

Momma Bubb and Daddy Bubb at their wedding.

It was crazy to see all these people who I never have and never will meet. It pains me that I never was able to meet Uncle Fred, Aunt Billie’s husband before he passed away over the summer.

Aunt Billie and Uncle Fred dressed up for Purim. This picture is over 40 years old!

It really made me glad I was doing this project now, and that it isn’t too late to start caring about this. In fact, my mom and I are trying to make plans to go see my other second cousin, Briahn at her Bat Mitzvah in June. She is Aunt Billie’s granddaughter, and I think it will open me up to a lot of my other family who I have never met before.

Anyways, since I have been in New Orleans, my mom taught Robyn how to make chicken pot pie, one of her specialties. It turned out delicious, as I would expect despite the fact that we made SIX pot pies at once. If you are not a cook, multiplying a recipe by six is a little risky.

Chicken pot pie!
Chicken pot pie!

And we were able to make Momma Bubb’s potato kugel! No one, with the exception of Momma Bubb has been able to make it before. She uses words like keep adding whatever until it feels “right.” And for once, with the addition of another egg, it was able to come out just the way she made it!

Potato kugel!

We are going to continue to teach all them these recipes, and get the few recipes Robyn does have to put into my cookbook. Robyn and Bob have been living in New Orleans for over thirty years- the food here a big part of their life. And I need to make sure it is included in my cookbook! This might be my last post until I get home on Monday to reflect upon my trip. So have a nice weekend despite any horrible weather…. I know its pouring  here right now, but at least I have a cup of coffee and the brisket aroma to keep me warm today.

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