Camelot Beckons

Mythology has been a part of my life for nearly as long as I can remember. I’ve always held this deep love and appreciation for all of the legends out there, however one has always been closest to my heart.

King Arthur.

Years ago, I read King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table for the first time. It was one of many books I’d brought home from the bookstore; at first nothing seemed particularly special about it. I remember that I had the bag of books on the floor in my bedroom, and I’d knelt down to choose one. I picked up the book about King Arthur and didn’t stand up until I’d finished it. I just sat there, on the floor, utterly fascinated.

Don’t be mistaken and think this led to my sudden immersion in Arthurian Legend. Because it didn’t. What it did do was start me on a path of slowly learning more and more about King Arthur throughout the years, always viewing the stories of Camelot with fondness, but never truly exploring them as deeply as I would have liked.

When considering Senior Project ideas, I mentioned wanting to research King Arthur so offhandedly that I can’t even remember when I first thought of it. But the idea took root, and now in three days I’ll be sitting on a plane with my dad on my way to England.

My dad and I are going to travel all around southwest England, visiting sites associated with various Arthurian Legends from Glastonbury Tor to Tintagel Castle. Along the way I’ll be blogging and continuing my research on King Arthur, so when I come back I can write a paper about my own take on Arthurian Legend.

I’m very excited, and each step I take in my preparations just makes this all the more real! I attended Westtown from kindergarten to ninth grade, before returning for my senior year, so for the past two years I never thought I would get to complete a Senior Project, but I’m extremely thrilled that I get the opportunity now!

Until my project begins!


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