19+ hours ~35,000 feet 

Greetings from South Africa!  We made it! Not going to lie… The leg from Heathrow to Cape Town was painful in terms of How much longer?  Are we there yet? swirling through my head (not to mention, holy cow these seats are TINY!).  They did, however, serve delicious food, (I know, right??) and then scored big points when they gave us tiny Ghanaian chocolates. Our attendant placed a generous handful on my tray when he saw my excitement over it being from Ghana.

We’re staying at a GORGEOUS bed and breakfast in the Table Mountain range, about 45 minutes from the airport. We were met by a wonderful driver, Ramos, and his assistant James. We were in awe as we climbed up the mountain range which incidentally suffered a great fire earlier this week. Our gracious hosts prepared an amazing BBQ for dinner. We had a pick-up “monkey-in-the-middle” soccer game.

We’re just back from exploring the neighborhood.  It’s full of houses with horses in the yards, guard dogs and the occasional brightly colored flower nestled in with some greenery that casually drapes itself over a residential wall.

More to come!  (Wifi is awesome here) 😉

-Teacher Melissa

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