The Preparation Begins…

As my parents and I have been discovering for the past few days, preparing for a trip to Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands, and Peru is much harder than we had anticipated. It is the rainy season right now in Quito and Machu Picchu, the locations in the mainland we will be visiting. In the Galapagos Islands however, we are expecting temperatures from the mid-80’s to 90’s! My parents have not been in this cold PA weather as long as I have, and do not share my fear of melting upon arrival. So far our luggage is looking a little like this:

Pictured above, is 90% of our photography equipment for the trip. We will be taking a variety of lenses (which you probably got from the picture) in order to capture the best possible pictures for portrait, landscape, and action photography. The GoPro will be used during snorkel excursions, as well a Nikon point and shoot (which is not pictured). Luckily, I will be carrying just the small bag with a Nikon D7000 and a few lenses. 

This is how I will be documenting this trip! Notes in the memo pads, iPad for blogging, and a SD Card port attachment to share some pictures along the journey!

This outfit will be worn while trekking up to Machu Picchu, for it is the rainy season and temperatures will drop lower than the averages as we trek higher in elevation. Layers, layers, layers, my father continues to tell me.

This is my personal favorite outfit for the trip, for a day in the Galapagos where we will be spending eight days of our trip. A Henderson half-suit for deep-sea snorkeling, maybe even a resort dive 20 feet below. Plenty of sunblock to prevent the frying of my body, trekking sandals for navigating the abundance of volcanoes, and a surf suit for fun.

It is definitely going to be the adventure of a lifetime, I look forward to updating on Wednesday when we land in Quito, Ecuador. I would also like to thank my parents in advanced for putting up with my constant videos asking them their opinions about food, sights, etc. I hope some of my readers will find my blog posts at least mildly entertaining, but for now I have to start reading The Origin of  Species to put myself in the Darwinian mindset ;).

** A side note about my family in general, our thoughts revolve around meals most of the time so just be aware that there will be tons of blogging about food, only if it is good,though.


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