Entry 3: Recording drums at the Silent Barn

Light glimmers off our friend Reggie’s glasses as we enter into his record store/ barber shop that’s attached to the silent barn. Sean (our drummer), Will and I stand around and laugh with Reggie while we take a break from recording drums upstairs in Sean’s small room which also part of the silent barn. A show goes on a few rooms over from Reggie’s shop– we can feel the power of the band’s drummer and vocalist screaming into the microphones, but it’s nearly washed away by the 808’s present in the music bumping out of the speakers in the room we were in.


The silent barn is always filled with activity- it’s a place for artists and musicians alike, who can apply for temporary residencies in the apartments just upstairs from the main venue. Only temporary though, because they want there to be new people coming in and out to maintain a fresh attitude and atmosphere there always. Sean’s room upstairs is small and comfortable. The drums take up a good percentage of the space, and the rest is taken up by the four people who are crammed inside to make sure each microphone is placed properly to get a good sound out of each individual piece of Sean’s beat old drum kit. He purchased it off of an old friend who had given up on his short-lived dream of being a drummer himself, and it can be heard in its hopeful punchy tone that fits just right in the tracks we’ve been working on. So far there is a lot of scratch tracks finished, meaning that they are good enough for the drums to be played over them. We will probably go back to re-do them later to make sure they sound just the way they want.


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