Sunday food and fun 

Everyone has very happy tummies this evening. Our day started with bread, peanut butter, nutella, croissants, coffee, yogurt, cereal, fruit and a random large bowl of shredded cheese. 

For lunch we ate at Moyo Restaurant in the Kristenbosch National Botanical Garden. It was buffet style and AMAZING. lt reminded me of a cross between Indian/northern African and just straight up yumminess–lamb, sweet potato soup, couscous, salad, the best rolls I’ve ever had, chicken, kebob with chicken, beef or antelope. 

And a tasty dessert selection. 

My choices included an incredibly rich and smooth chocolate mousse, the most moist orange cake with possible pistachio bits on top and the most incredible cheese cake with passion fruit something or other on top. In-cred-ible. 

Then there was entertainment! A trio came around and sang to us in Xhosa (a clicking language). (Pics coming from other camera). 

And THEN! Some of us had our faces painted! 

Afterwards, we went to the top of Table Mountain in a cable car!  (pics coming from other camera). 

We arrived back at Team House to yet another delicious meal, salad, rice with vegetables and an incredible sauce of some sort that I need to get the recipe for!

We’ve just wrapped up evening debriefing to prepare us for our service work that begins tomorrow. Yay!

Nighty, night. 

T. Melissa

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