Tiny House: Update

Today marked the ninth day of the Tiny House Project.  It’s hard to believe that we started with a trailer just over a week ago and now we have all the walls and the roof up! With just two days to go, we are ready to work extra hard to get as close as we can to our goal. We would like to finish the whole exterior of the house including installing the windows and the door.  While some of us worked on the structure of the house, others worked on the interior; this is a work pattern we have been using since day one. One of the coolest things we have worked on for the inside of the house has been a countertop made out of live-edge wood. We started off by cutting the wood in half and running both halves through the planer. We then put the two pieces next to each other and worked on making them level. Now, the two pieces are joined, sanded and coated and we have our finished countertop for the house.

There was a moment today while we were working when I felt completely peaceful. This moment took place in the loft of the house (kind of like a skybed) where our guests would be sleeping. I climbed up and just sat there for ten minutes, my feet hanging off the side of the house. The wind was blowing in my face but all I could see was the clear blue sky. This moment made me realize how incredible this project is and how I will never get an experience like this again. We have had so much fun together that our 7-8 hour work days just fly by. So many people have come by to visit us including Teacher Sam, Teacher Paul and Teacher Karl. I hope many more people will come visit once it is finished! I will be sure to post tons of pictures on Thursday. Until then, we invite you to come to the Cabin and visit us!

Day 9


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