Ghana: One Week More

Lesson planning, meetings, shoe sorting, Yellow Fever vaccinations and Malarone galore. These past couple of months have been filled with ongoing preparation and a culminating excitement for our trip to Ghana. Seeing as we hop on our flight to Accra just a week from tomorrow, the project is starting to seem like more and more of a reality with each day leading up to it all. Now to start packing and put some finishing touches on our lesson plans!


While at Heritage Academy, I will teach Theatre classes to the students there. Recently, I’ve been asked to do a lot of reflection about my intentions for this trip and why it matters to me. I’ve realized I feel a real sense of gratitude toward my art and performance teachers and directors here at Westtown, from sixth grade theatre through the Outsider in Theatre Literature, and Directing classes in my senior year. They have taught me so much more than just stage-craft, or scene study, or even overcoming the challenge of hitting a high A in the opening number of a musical. Most significantly, they have taught me that acting is about sharing a story, and whatever story I have to tell is important. They have taught me that my voice matters. Those are the lessons I’ve learned that have inspired me to pursue theatre outside of Westtown, so among all else, I hope to pass down those same lessons that my teachers taught me, to my students at Heritage Academy.


As seniors move into our last week of classes before we head out, the anticipation is palpable throughout the dorm and the halls. I’ll be excited to blog about what I learn over the next couple of weeks. Please check back soon to stay updated on our journey in Ghana!  

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