Kittens and Mittens

All my life, I have loved animals. My best friend and companion, Shadow, died recently this year. He was the love of my life, even though he was a cat. For my Senior Project, I wanted to spend time doing something low key with animals. Cats to be more specific. I chose to volunteer at the Chester SPCA. I did my orientation and learned the dos and don’ts and realized that this was the place for me.

I visited the shelter recently to remember what I learned. I was a little nervous and shaky, but nothing bad happened. One older woman challenged me as an oriented volunteer, even though I was wearing my volunteer shirt and badge. She brought me down and continued to scold me during my hour-long visit. My hope was raised when a cat was adopted by a mother and child. The joy that filled the room spread to every person, even the people who were not adopting.  

That was the moment I knew it was the place more me. I was not there for the people; I was there for the cats. I am very excited to work with the felines and spend time giving back creatures smaller than me.

Until next time,


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