Preparing For Next Week

Hey everyone, my name is William and I will be going to West Chester where I will be a computer science intern for two weeks. I will be working at an engineering firm IONX, a small company headquartered in West Chester, PA. IONX is about asset management, where they track the locations and conditions of train cars and their cargo. They make physical sensors that go on tanker cars, box cars, and locomotives. They also develop the software that goes with the hardware. I have worked there previously as an intern for six weeks over the summer. I had a great and informative time there, so I will be going back there again to continue my passion for computer science. I will be working on a special project that they have arranged for me to complete in the two weeks that I am there.

For next week I will be using some old skills that I have and need to brush-up on, mainly my computer coding skills. I will working on building web applications that involve a multitude of languages. Last time I was there I used C#, SQL, and R-script. While there I learned a couple of new languages that I needed to work on the applications. I also learned about machine learning and the possibilities of the uses of it. I was tasked to see what kinds of applications could benefit from adding machine learning. As I was learning about machine learning I learned how Microsoft’s cloud-computing system, Microsoft Azure, works and what it can do. I can’t wait to see what they have in-store for me this time!

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