Computer Science Intern -Day 3

This is my third day on the job at IONX. While there I have been assigned to analyze data off of a server that houses information from sensors at their test locations. I am not posting everyday because day to day there are not huge changes in my progress, but here is an update from what I have done.

Day 1 was a kind of learning step for what I will be doing. I learned about what I exactly I will be working with and how I might accomplish my tasks. Day 2 was more about diving into the code of how to analyze data and automatize data analysis using small pieces of computer code called queries. These queries are only a few lines long and do not do much when being executed. Day 3 was about starting to develop an actual program that could be used to gather all relevant data into a useful format so that another program, called Tableau, can turn the data into data maps and statistical data sheets.

The primary computer languages that I am currently using to build this application are C# and LINQ. Today I was involved in a few meetings to develop the logic behind the program and the beginning code behind the program. Here I have a small section of the main logic of the project that will be used to gather all of the data needed. Alongside Trevor this project should be completed by the end of this week. 2016-03-09

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