Dropping Like Flies

Yesterday, we went to Mankessim’s market. People were bustling around us and staring at us because of our obvious difference in looks that they are used to. Many of us bought fabric so that we could have one of T. Melissa’s friends make us dresses, shirts, or aprons.

Today was our third day teaching, and everything seems to be falling into place. Students are consistently coming to our class and wandering off a little less than before (quite an accomplishment we think). Yesterday, I finally got the correct class, the wrong students came the first class. My class yesterday caught onto my choreography really well and quickly, and I believe they enjoyed it because today they came to class and started dancing the moves I taught right away.

On a less happy note, many of us are getting sick in one way or another. Dehydration has been a problem because we are not used to the temperature or humidity here in Ghana. Also, many of us, including myself, are having to deal with some really itchy heat rash. As Hannah likes to say, she has chicken skin on her legs. Unfortunately, the other blogger on this trip, Brooke, is one of our friends who is sick.

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