Update – Creative Writing

After a while spent suffering from writer’s block, I think I’ve finally found my stride. I’ve been fairly prolific for these past few days, and I’m happy with what I’ve produced, although I have yet to show it to anyone else. (I’ve always been kind of self-conscious about letting other people read my work, so this is something I’ll need to get over if I want to seriously consider a career involving writing.)  Most of my work so far has focused on poetry, but I’m hoping to expand my efforts in the next few days to include short stories and maybe even vignettes. A lot of my typical themes are popping up again – mythology, usually Greek mythology, memory, etc. I spent most of Tuesday and Wednesday writing drafts, and today (Thursday) I focused on editing – cutting unnecessary words, changing line breaks, adding clarifying details, that sort of thing. I’ll probably continue editing into tomorrow and the next day and then start on something new after that.

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