Day 6- Wednesday, March 9

Once again the day started off bright and early. We woke up at around 7:00 AM and started with some daily yoga, to get our minds right for the day. Then we did our daily chores, which was followed by a great breakfast. The meal consisted of eggs a la Mexicana, beans, and yogurt.

After cleanup, we headed down to the tiny house to work on some construction with a mason, Daniel, and his son, Juan. Daniel, who was a skillful bricklayer, taught us the tricks of the trade. We learned how to sift the sand, how to make the cement, and how to actually lay the bricks.

We managed to construct the perimeter of a soon-to-be compost dump station. During this session of brick laying, we were rudely interrupted by what seemed to be a wind storm.

This storm, which hasn’t occurred in ten years, really caused some havoc across town. Trees were blown down, roofs were knocked off, and properties were left a mess. Eventually the storm died down a little bit, so we were able to continue working again.

After finishing the bricks we had lunch, which was actually eaten inside for the first time since we have been here, because of this crazy storm. This might’ve been the best lunch yet; lasagna, beans, tortillas, and more of the lentil soup.

With a full stomach, we headed down, once again, to the savvy “edible house”, where we got to seem how the structures were made, explore the eco-technologies, and understand the intentions behind the amazing designs.

Once we finished the tour, we went inside to get a self-healing lesson to better understand our challenges in life and figure out how to overcome those challenges.

Following this visit, we headed down to the village of the apprentices for dinner. We got to see how they live in their small communities and learned a lot more about them as we shared a meal. These amazing people, some bilingual and others not, told us a lot and we were able to really connect with each of them. Turns out, we will get to meet with some of them again tomorrow when we help them herd sheep into their shelters. Unfortunately, we stayed there past dark, so it was not too easy on our venture back home. With the few flashlights that we did have, luckily, we made it back home alive. With the milk that we purchased today, we had the opportunity to make some yogurt, which we will hopefully be able to devour tomorrow. It is almost time to wind down now; looking forward to the day that we have ahead of us tomorrow.


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