Day 10, Sunday, March 13, 2016

We had a rather late start this lovely Sunday morning. With a special day already planned out, we did not have to be ready until 8 AM. Pati, one of our neighbors, came over to instruct a yoga session with us. We also invited some of the apprentices with whom we helped herd the lamb/sheep. With the sun rays beaming down on us, and everyone in their downward dogs and what not, we were able to have a relaxing, and stress relieving, experience. After the yoga we segued into an activity where we were talking about sustainability and how we could contribute to the world and the people living on this planet. Soon thereafter we took time to look into each other’s eyes, and in silence, appreciate them and their efforts to help save our planet. When these activities were over, it was time for breakfast.

One of T. Paula and Alan’s good friends, Guermina, an excellent cook, provided a delicious meal that left us full until dinnertime. After breakfast we headed over to the forest to plant some Chicalaba trees (an endangered species of giant oaks) in some open grasslands. Maybe, in 10 years, we can come back and see the trees shooting for the sky. After the planting was done, we had some free time; and of course, we took our little siesta!

After being somewhat rested, we gathered to understand the eco-forest and the layers of the forest, building models out of the Jenga bricks. Then we did a little reading about the conservation of trees and it’s impact. When this was all over, we went into the kitchen to go over 10 of the eco-technologies, in order to prepare for the students coming on Tuesday. Then it was time to prep for dinner, which was the leftovers mainly from breakfast. Dahoon and I actually went to retrieve some water from the spring and once we returned, dinner was served. Dinner was great, and we got to finish off the last of the banana bread that we made earlier in the day. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much left for T. Alan but he surely made it work with the remaining crumbs and the imaginary slice of bread. Shortly thereafter, our neighbors arrived and we got to meet them for the first time. Finally we prepared for the sweat lodge this Friday, and sang a few of the songs. Even though it is only Sunday, the days are going to fly and Friday will be here before we know it.



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