Day 14, March 17, 2016

The day began with some yoga, led by the yogi-in-training, Sam. After yoga, we did our daily chores and ate an amazing breakfast. I think this might have been the best all week! From that moment, I could already tell we were going to have a fantastic day. As soon as we were all cleaned up, we got in the car and headed to the resort where we would be zip lining. Once we arrived, we were shocked by the amazing view of the Mexican Grand Canyon. From where we were, 800 feet above, we could see the river flowing and the birds soaring majestically over the valley. Then we went with our guide up a tower, about 40 feet, to get clipped onto the line. Personally, this was a great challenge, as being afraid of heights,  I was not sure I could trust the equipment. Eventually though, I realized that we must run towards our fears; conquer the beast! And so we did; capturing an amazing view and serene voyage. After the zipline, we hung out in the restaurant area of the resort and played some cards. Eventually we were ready to head back, and enjoyed a nice car ride back to Las Cañadas. When we got back, we were able to eat a nice lunch, nap, and get ready to set off on our campout. We took a nice little hike to the campsite, where we discovered that Angel had built us an impressive canopy in case it rained. Once it got dark, we built a fire and were able to eat some burritos and roasted potatoes. Shortly thereafter, we took a nap and then T. Alan stopped by to share a moving story with the group. We then gazed at the stars, admired the bright-lit moon, and talked for a bit. Unfortunately, it was hard to sleep well, since the bugs, birds, coyotes, cows, and the hard ground made the night slightly uncomfortable. Still, it was a night to remember!




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