5 days, 34 shows

After attending SXSW, I reflected on my experience a lot. I thought about what it meant for me personally and me as a music blogger. My biggest takeaway from the festival was that music is the biggest connection that we share with other people. My experience at SXSW was completely different from any other musical event  I’ve attended. The crowd and the artists were much more accessible, relatable, and humble than I’m used to. Since the majority of concerts I go to are in Philadelphia or New York City, I’m used to a certain type of audience. Here, the audience and artists are usually unresponsive and just there to perform or listen. SXSW had a completely different vibe where people were willing to bond over the music and actually talk to each other. I met so many people that were super kind and open and it was all because of music. SXSW is really incredible because it brings so many people from all over the world come together for a few days of music. It didn’t matter where people came from, what they looked like, what presidential candidate they wanted to vote  for. In a time where everyone is divided and categorized, music still has the power to unite everyone. SXSW encouraged me to continue finding ways to connect with others through music.

As a music blogger, I was amazed by the talent that I saw. There were so many artists showcasing tons of genres over the 5 days. It was impossible to get to every concert, but I was very happy with the 34 bands I did see. I was assigned to write a ‘8 best discoveries’ piece after SXSW, which is exactly what I did. It was surprisingly difficult to narrow down my list to 8 artists, but I wrote the article pretty easily after that. It is up now and it can be read here.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Austin and I will always keep it in the back of my mind as I continue my love of music and my music blogging. I’m really grateful that I had the opportunity to experience SXSW and I’ll definitely try to go back.

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