It’s Ghana be an Awesome Trip

2 March 2017

The farthest I’ve strayed from the US was my 1,272 mile trek to Turks and Caicos. Other than the occasional excursions to the Caribbean and Canada, my feet have stay firmly planted on American soil. Tomorrow that all changes. When I board Delta 420 from New York to Accra, I’ll be venturing 5,105 miles from home. That’s four times further than I have ever traveled. To say I’m excited is an understatement! Usually your first “lone” (lone being away from your parents, not adult supervision) adventure is to Europe or somewhere frequented by tourists… but, no, I’m going to Africa! That’s just so cool to me! I’ll be blogging about my escapades abroad as frequently as Ghana’s internet situation allows, so check back!

-Rachel Coe

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